Spanning Space and Time

Goal:Our goal for this game is to have a 3d game with multiple implementations of several game genres, like RPG elements, shooter style, vehicle control(like MechWarrior), strategy(like Mech Commander or Star Seige Tribes), and Flight Sim(like Fury3 and Descent). It would include features like branching story line also. This system will be easily modifiable to make several games. The different games will be in the frame set of basically a Total Conversion, with the regular stuff converted, plus enhancments in AI and physics for that implementation. This will be Open Source software and be under the GNU GPL.

Screenshot: OMIGG Menu screen
A screen shot under Linux from the game's menu

Engine:We will be using Crystal Space. We have found it to be good for what we are doing. The engine is under the GNU LGPL. Also a bunch of people are involved in developing it. Our partners and level developers are amazed with its power.

Other Info on OMIGG
some of this stuff is specific to Death Destruction Decay

General features-General things we will want when done
Development Roadmap-Features that are planned/done
Development notes-Useful for Contrubitors and Team memebers
Our Sourceforge Development site-Contains release info, CVS, bugs, and more

Current Projects

These are under the OMIGG project, meaning we will make a "Templete" game and make patches for other ones. The start of the templete is going to be "Death Destruction Decay". I are planning on making a fantasy, medieval, sequals, and a couple of other games. This is because not everyone likes to play SciFi's, or Fantasy, etc, but they want a really cool game that has their favorite style. Part of the goal is to be very custimizable without source code changes.

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